Bronze package

To whom we recommend it?

If you need any professional help, because you have just bought a flat / house for refurbishment or from primary market and you want to make the optimum use of your space since each square meter is so important – this offer is for you!

  • If you consider buying a flat/house from primary market or from secondary market, we can verify it before making a decision – whether this decision is proper, whether you can certainly fit all functions for instance: additional dressing-room, additional room or if you can or cannot connect day area
  • In  this package we can design: wall layout, number of wardrobes, space for the kitchen or bathroom arrangement

What does bronze package contains?

  • 2d plan (3 versions in the form of plan with dimensions and with furniture, 3 corrections to each plan)

Documentation index for the bronze package:

  • Plans (3 versions)
  • Plan (chosen option presented in the scale with dimensions, it is possible to direct such wall layout to the team on the building site)
  • Electronic version (pdf, jpg)
  • Paper version (2 copies)