Apartment in Krakow

Renovation of luxury apartment in Krakow overlooking the Old Town. The renovation included the rearrangement of individual functions, installation designs, lighting, LED systems, as well as suspended ceilings and stretch ceilings. Rooms and bathrooms, as well as a wedding and banquet hall have a total metamorphosis

WE WON 2ND PLACE – the educational gazebo project will be implemented Construction of an educational -covered open-air classroom at the Lady Sue Ryder Primary School in Niepołomice Location; Lady Sue Ryder Primary School Project description As part of the project, a covered open-air classroom is to be designed and built. located in a fenced […]

House with a flat roof

A modern house with a flat roof – presentation of the design of a modern one-story house with a flat roof – Elevation in two shades of gray, rustication between the windows and plaster imitating boards on the facade – One-story house with three bedrooms, toilet and main bathroom, living room and kitchen – colors; […]

Wedding hall

The wedding hall design, scope of the study: construction design with building permit and interior design. In the construction project, I designed the ceiling above the wedding hall at a height of 5 m, which at the implementation stage terrified the investor. However, this height was consciously taken into account because it should be remembered […]

Home with aquarium

Project presentation – a design of a single-family house located in a beautiful place surrounded by greenery and forest – style – simple and modern – colors – light shades of gray, concrete with darker colors, black and wood they add character to the entire interior – aquarium at home, aquarium with technical access from […]

Bathroom without window

The presentation of the project implementation; – bathroom next to the main bedroom, The project uses 2 shades of porcelain tiles – light and darker, a large mirror in front of the entrance, two washbasins with cabinets under a wooden table top, in the bathroom there is a large shower cubicle with a niche for […]


In a hospice, patients are usually lying people, so in this subject, the ceiling deserved my special attention in the interior. Idea: spaces designed with 4 seasons, so we have hospice room inspired; spring, summer, autumn and winter. Going further in this direction – each of the rooms has stretch ceilings with print and backlighting […]

Home renovation

In this project, the main assumption was to adapt the basement at home. Initially, the basement had a room height of 2.20 but we dug in about 30 cm and enlarged interior, I also designed stretch ceilings that further enlarge the interior they reflect – the effect of a mirror on the ceiling. In the […]

Club Restaurant

CLUB RESTAURANT BRODWAY   Main idea of the design: the club has been designed a new functional layout divided into zones; bar salle, VIP box,’Dance floor’ and a DJ. Design style: modern interior with a little touch of glamor Color design: the interior of the club colors of magenta, black, gray, gold Finishing materials: gray […]

Flat for single

The apartment for rent in Cracov Poland. Idea; optimum space in a small space , colors ; white. gray insulated timber.

Private house

IDEA DESIGN · Main idea behind the design: The main idea behind the design was to create a minimalist interior, composed of simple forms, spatial 3D panels, stone and wood to warm up the interior. The bright interior colors mix such as white and gray. Effect is duplicated in the living room through a stretch […]

Private house

We suggest an idea for elevations by our project. With a traditional block building , and the use of suitable material, color and texture you can get interesting effect.

I place competition

Official results announced !!! We took first place in the urban-architectural competition to develop the concept of development and revitalization of the historic center Muszyny – Market Square and adjacent streets. awards: I place – the invitation to negotiate for the contractor company iL SENSO (Total evaluation score of the competition 488 pts.) the project […]

Home desing

In recent times , a new home design . Style – MODERN The surface ; ground floor – 70.5 m2 (20.6 m2 garage + ) Loft – 57.40 m2 The sum of area = 127.45 m2 (excluding play-off and pom . Tech . ) Sum of the areas TOTALS = 150.51 m2

Private apartment in Cracov

Student’s Apartment The main idea of the design: The main idea was to open the corridor on a daily zone – the combination of these two zones by curved line has its reflection in the ceiling and on the floor We designed flat for students, with four-rooms, living room is connected with kitchen anex We […]