LED Lighting Systems


Our offer includes digital controllers that can be individually programmed for the interior, shape of the room or lighting of the facade or building. We provide professional advice and support in the design of LED systems. We specialize in optoelectronic lighting, commonly called diode or LED (light-emitting diode). We offer tapes and digital modules, pixels, panels, matrices, etc. are available on the customer’s order, and the waiting time is about 2 weeks (this applies to the full range of lighting). We work with many companies in the field of LED lighting distribution.


The quality and our services and products are proved by the fact that many Investors who cooperated with us trusted us. In the GALLERY tab you can see some of the arrangements in which LED strips and stretch ceilings.

We would like to invite you  to look at the possibilities offered by digital led systems, the effect can be seen this is not a final result – they will be located under the stretch ceiling – stretch ceiling transparent white gloss, which will let light effects through.


Where can you use LEd system?

Digital LEDs are perfect for wedding and banquet rooms as well as for clubs and discos, night clubs because it is also possible to coordinate the lighting effects with sound

LEDs are also used in homes and apartments, thanks to which we can create lighting scenes and introduce mood lighting that can be controlled

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