In a hospice, patients are usually lying people, so in this subject, the ceiling deserved my special attention in the interior. Idea: spaces designed with 4 seasons, so we have hospice room inspired;

spring, summer, autumn and winter. Going further in this direction – each of the rooms has stretch ceilings with print and backlighting – looking at them from the perspective of a lying patient, we have the impression of lying under a tree or under the open sky. The light intensity under the stretch film can be increased or decreased by controlling the remote control. Which is undoubtedly more pleasant than looking at light boxes or an ordinary lamp. The enhancement of the effect of a given season also appears on the walls – in the form of wall murals. In front of each room there is a large wallpaper in front of the entrance, wallpapers are mainly between the windows. The remaining spaces are in light neutral colors. At the reception there is a wall mural that supports the radiator – there is a print on the aperture that hides the radiator in white.