Restaurant and HOTEL

Iwona Czapka, upr. nr 87/LBOKK/2

Iwona Czapka, upr. nr 87/LBOKK/2

1500 m2

visualizations; Jakub Zdybel

range ;
building permits, after changing the external dimensions of the building (unauthorized construction) during construction

conservation permit,
multi-sector coordination

– change of external dimensions during construction, in this case by about 6m. – what to do?

Construction works were suspended by the Construction Supervision – it was not possible to carry out the works until they were resumed.

The case was so complicated because it was related toobtaining a new conservation permit – which was of course the most was only after 4 years that I obtained a new conservation permit.

What can I advise to people who want to, for example, move the outer wall, change the arrangement of windows, doors, etc. during the construction of … a house – if the object is under conservation protection, it is better not to do it – because it can cost you a lot of nerves and money.

In this case, it took 4 years to obtain another decision, (during the pandemic related to the coronavirus 03.2020 – 01.2022) It was a difficult subject administratively, formally and legally, however, there is no impossible situation and everything ended positively.